Fibonacci numbers

Fibonacci numbers are very interesting numbers that plants have used for years to make sequences for their petals to grow.
Have a look at my YouTube video that explains this more


Android app inventor

Check out mit application inventor for Android. It allows you to create your own applications for the Android Market/Google play store. It makes it easy and simple for you to get started in developing applications. Check out my application on the Google play store by searching “Eoin Byrne”.

Iphone 5

We have now been waiting for about a year and a half since the Iphone 4. We saw a small upgrade with the iphone 4s a couple of months ago, but nothing major. Samsung are bringing out a large upgrade every year now with the Samsung galaxy s brand while still working on other devices.
Can iphone keep up with Android? Are they having difficulty? Or, could they be planning a upgrade that will blow everyone’s mind?
Let me know what you think in the comments section.