High Carb Vegan Diet

When you eat carbohydrates it is a common misconception that you will put on weight.

However carbs are burned in the body once they enter whether they come from simple Sugars or complex carbs.
The carbs are burned within 6 to 10 hours of entering the body. If excess carbs enter the body they are converted to heat in a process called thermogenesis.

Carbs are thought to make you fat because insulin is produced by the body when sugar enters and this causes any fat to be stored. However if you eat no fat there is no fat to be stored and you don’t put on weight.

The fat you eat is the fat you wear!



Just making homemade pasta. In the middle of cutting process. Messy work.
Here are the ingredients I used
300g 00 flour.
3 eggs
Bit of olive oil.

Put it all in the food processor and then knead the dough and cut.