Trek Emonda

The Trek Emondo is the lightest production bike available to buy presently. At 4.5 kilograms it is well under the UCI weight limit of 6.8 kilograms.

At its 16000 dollar price, it makes me start to wonder is the weight loss worth it. It is only about 4 kilograms lighter than your average 2000 dollar road bike.

Add two water bottles along with some food, gels, spare tubes and a pump and the weight is already getting quite close to a less expensive 2000 dollar bike.

Most people could easily lose 4 kilograms of weight from our bodies if not more unless of course you are as slim as Contador out Froome.

This raises the question whether it is worth spending an extra 14000 dollars to lose 4 kilograms of weight.

For the majority of people I would advise them to lose weight from their body initially.


How to choose the correct bicycle for you?

Finding the right bicycle for you can be a very daunting task, especially if you are hoping to get into cycling.
Choosing a bike depends completely on two things.
1. Terrain
2. Back Flexibility

1. If you are going to be cycling on gravely trails, through mud or on any kind of off road terrain regularly buy an off road mountain bike.
If you are cycling on the roads buy a hybrid or road bike.

2. If you have very bad back flexibility a hybrid would suit you better. If you have good flexibility you should purchase a road bike.

When purchasing your bike remember to get the bike fit to you in the shop. If you don’t have a good bike you can cause yourself injury.

Giant defy composite 1 vs bianchi vertigo 105

I am thinking of getting a new bike soon. I have been looking at both the giant defy composite and the bianchi vertigo. If there is anybody that is good on their bikes reading could you please leave a comment on which one is better. I know the giant has better components compared to the bianchi but I am more interested in the frame and ride quality.