Samsung Galaxy SIII

The camera is a 8mp sensor that records in 1080p.
The camera on the Samsung galaxy sIII has not been improved over the Samsung galaxy sII but the camera app itself has many features added. The camera app has no shutter lag meaning photos are captured instantly.
Best shot is a very nice feature added. It
takes 8 shots in the space of around 2 seconds. Processes the images and choose the best photo for you.
Here is a sample of the camera.

Processor and speed =
The processor has been improved over the Samsung galaxy sII, which was and still is one of the fastest phones on the market. The Samsung galaxy sIII now includes a quad core clocked at 1.4 ghz over the dual core of the Samsung galaxy sII. The new processor is said to use less power over the dual core, also.

Battery =
This more efficient processor with a larger battery life of 2100mah quite easily lasts me the day. Talktime is said to be around 11 hours. Movie playback of 6 hours which is very impressive considering that the screen is a whopping 4.8 inches big.

Display =
The display on this phone is a huge 4.8 inches diagnolly although it is not a very bulky device like the Samsung galaxy note. It is the biggest I would go. It is a hd super amoled screen. It doesn’t drain much battery either. After a days use on the phone. Using the screen for 5 hours on lowest brightness setting. It had used 35 percent of the battery.
It is a very clear screen and small text is shown crisply. As far as colors, it supports 16 million as like most phone displays.


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