Bianchi Vertigo 105

Have a look at my YouTube video showing all of the components that come with the bike.
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Pen stylus

I just purchased a phone stylus for about 7 euro on amazon. It has a pen on one end and a rubber tip stylus on the other. The rubber tip stylus can be used with any capacitive touch screen device like iPhone Samsung and HTC. It works with several other devices also. The stylus is very sensitive and the pen writes smoothly.

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Giant defy composite 1 vs bianchi vertigo 105

I am thinking of getting a new bike soon. I have been looking at both the giant defy composite and the bianchi vertigo. If there is anybody that is good on their bikes reading could you please leave a comment on which one is better. I know the giant has better components compared to the bianchi but I am more interested in the frame and ride quality.

Android app inventor

Check out mit application inventor for Android. It allows you to create your own applications for the Android Market/Google play store. It makes it easy and simple for you to get started in developing applications. Check out my application on the Google play store by searching “Eoin Byrne”.