Garmin Edge 1000


The garmin edge 1000 is garmin’s top of the range gps cycling computer as I’m sure you know. It was released in early 2014.

In December, I got myself this computer and have been trading it since.

I was sceptical about buying this computer because of the price and the battery life. However in the end I decided on this I over the edge 810.

Some of the features have proved very useful to me. The first is the live track.
When out cycling my parents can keep an eye on where I am, at any time. It gave them the peace in mind knowing that I was okay. There were a few blips where connection failed, however I believe this was down to my phone signal being weak.

Another feature that got a decent amount of use was the virtual partner and segments.
When I purchased this computer, I went on to strava and using an online tool I converted my best time up my favourite climb to a garmin edge compatible file and loaded it onto my garmin. Now when I’m out cycling, I can see live how many seconds behind my best time. This introduced a certain amount of excitement and competition to my training.

Taking about strava, I created a garmin connect account(complete rubbish). I created this not because I wanted to use it but because my rides now upload automatically to garmin connect when I come home. This is then linked with strava and my rides upload once I press that finish button.

Finally, I would like to mention the battery life.
I found the battery to drain at a rate of 10 percent an hour on average. However, I could get up to about 15 percent an hour when glonass, wifi, Bluetooth and the heart rate monitor were turned off.

Thanks for reading my review.


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